Tadaomi Shibuya Tadaomi Shibuya is a name to remember. Born in 1973 with a college degree in product design, Tadaomy Shibuya is famous for his intricate use of geometric pattern of straight lines and dimension in different shades to create images. His creations have garnered world acclaim and recognition with commercial arts projects for The North Face 2006, Becks Beer in London (2007) and Emblem Design for Givenchy in 2008. His works of art have been exhibited throughout the world from Tokyo, Paris, NY, Miami Washinton DC. London.... and graced many famous magazines covers, billboards and used as advertising visuals for global brands
BECKS 2007 Advertisement for BECKS in London. Better Days Acrylic on paper & wood 420x297mm 2004 Tdadaomi Shibuya Solo exhibition "Construct" hpgrp Gallery TOKYO
GIVENCHY 2008 Emblem design. This motif was used to Givenchy's bag, scarf, wallet, belt, and etc. HOUSE CREST Inko Acrylic on canvas 333x241mm 2009 "ZOO COLLECTION" (solo exhibition) Wesc Paris Gallery
Henkei-Gattai Robo-Obama Acrylic on wood 727x606mm 2009 "Infinite Libraries" (group show) Crewest Gallery (L.A)