Brand Profile

Enduring Passion & Quietness in Perfect Time
The Charles Hubert brand represents true passion and talent of noble skill of watch making, in a tradition developed by early masters and handed down over the centuries to those who remained committed to the highest principles and who designed and built watches out of love of time. Fully embracing this approach, to this very day Charles Hubert watches are carefully and passionately created not for commercial value but for aesthetic excellence.
A key element in the Charles Hubert approach, for example, is a remarkable fusion of modern technology with classical lines. Models retain all the allure of a passionate history, yet come equipped to deliver time amidst the demands of modern world – while remaining wholly appealing to contemporary men and women of taste and style.
The synthesis of passion and design excellence is clearly present in every Charles Hubert timepiece, and is matched only by an outstanding performance and the use of brilliant adornments including genuine leather straps, stainless steel bracelets, see-through screw backs, Miyota movements and ionic plating. For ladies, the enduring passion and quietness of perfect time is delightfully presented in stylish watches with matching colours on dials and straps, glittering diamonds and sparkling Swarovski crystals.
For the 21st century, Z laboratory Ltd. has been appointed sole worldwide OEM manufacturer and distributor of Charles Hubert watches for men and women.
Z laboratory Ltd. commits to continuing the passion of old masters with timepieces made for today, and guarantees its reputation for a dedicated quality approach.
Enduring Passion and Quietness in Perfect Time is a highly apt slogan for the new Charles Hubert collection from Z Laboratory Ltd., which promises to deliver the very best in artistic horology to match every beat of the loving heart.