Cream Soda Established in 1967, the first brand in the world with a skull trademark. Mr. Masayuki Yamazaki, the founder of CREAM SODA and the original creator of the "Harajuku" rock and roll fashion and culture. CREAM SODA was a brand name shop off the main street which became a social phenomenon with television and magazines featuring them all over the world, transforming quiet "Harajuku" into a busy and intoxicating "must visit" place for both locals and foreigners alike. Yamazaki-San is a model of a storybook "Harajuku Gold Rush" which became the bible of young people, and was made into a movie.
They have been influencing musicians all over the world Pink Dragon, the main store of cream soda which changed Harajuku from the bottom back in 1970
Pink Dragon, the sanctuary of Rock'n'Roll