Doppel Consisting of the dynamic duo Yamao & Mon's live paintings, Doppel has been working together since 2001.
Live painting is more then just creating an image to them and their Murals have covered both underground and overground. The ability to merge anything and everything together with such synergy granted them opportunities to work with Major brand names like Nike (Wall Mural in NIKE HQ), NIKE Air Force 1 Project, Sony Walkman in Oregon. Doppel has also started solo projects under Bakibaki for Kohei Yamao and MON for Kotaro Ohyama since 2005.
NIKE AIR FORCE 1 PROJECT / FLYER Acrylic on canvas 1500 x 2700mm 2007 LIBRARY (Wall in NIKE Headquarters) 2007
MO'WAVE / FLYER ARTWORK Acrylic on panel 297 x 210mm x 8 2007 Dr.Pepper / 2009
NIKE / Athletic Power / 2007 KOOL / 2008
X-BOX / Freshness FUSED / 2006